Monday, November 7, 2011

Making Your Holiday Shopping Experience Worry Free

So because I process a lot of orders, I thought that I would send along a few tips for you to be that trouble free internet customer that everybody loves to ship to.  These suggestions will help make you the dream customer whose order flies out the door and into your waiting mailbox.

1.  Do some profile tuneup now.  Don't wait until the day you place your order to update your basic may forget.  If you have moved or changed email addresses...take a few minutes to update basic information like that on the sites that you are most likely to purchase from.  This will make sure that you are notified with questions/information from your merchant and will make sure that your package will go to the right address on the first attempt.

2.  Pay attention to your Paypal account.  Etsy defaults to the address on your paypal account for shipping and many of the smaller companies you might purchase from will ship to you through a paypal mailing service like I do.  With this service, your package is automatically insured without any cost to you or to merchants like me.  This only applies, however, if your papal address is the same as your mailing address.  Take the time to change that information now so there will be no delay while labels are voided and reissued.  Some merchants will not ship to you if those addresses do not match.  Also, did you know that if you have a really cute Paypal name like ChrisandSue and you put your whole name in the first name spot on Paypal - EVERY SINGLE MERCHANT WHO SHIPS A PAYPAL SHIPMENT TO YOU HAS TO FIX YOUR NAME before your label can be printed because there must be a value in both the first and last name fields on your account for shipping purposes.  If that isn't there, your merchant must change it for every shipment......and that may cause a delay in shipment.

3.  Save yourself some money and custom items early.  We all will probably have a few last minute purchases to fill out the piles under the tree, but some things we know we want now.  Photos for albums/frames, custom sized items, handmade things.....those are the types of things that should be a priority now.  While many merchants have a backstock of partly done handmades waiting for your custom requests, you never know which things will be so popular that backstocks run out and you are left without the perfect gift.  Gift cards can be acquired on Christmas Eve....custom coats for Fido are not so easy to find.......and if you request a change or customization to a product in November, you are much more likely to get accommodated than if you ask on Decmeber 15th.

4.  Make yourself into the perfect customer.....recognize that many Etsy merchants don't work weekends or evenings, many are working alone, and there is no shipping and receiving department...think of merchants for handmade and small companies more like Santa's elves with families and carpools and......lives.  Thank your merchant for great service....recommend your merchants to friends and...most of all....partner with your merchants to ensure that everyone has a great and hassle free holiday season.

If I missed any suggestions you might have, please leave a comment...New Guest Designer Tomorrow and a new blog feature on Wednesday.....lots going on...don't miss a thing....

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