Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that you are all enjoying your day....for some a day of rest....for some a day of frantic kitchen activity....for some a day to be with loved one by phone or in person (by skype for the advanced technicians)

I hope, though, that for all of us we have or make a few minutes to take a look around and see our lives from a cup half full perspective.  We all have things that we wish were different, we all have things we want to change....but we also all have things and privileges and rights and beliefs that so many would love to have....they key is to appreciate what we have not worry about the things that are not....

I'm not cooking much today...the bird is scheduled for daughter is an executive for Target and nobody is asleep at midnight on black friday son is working on his master's and is taking the weekend to get caught up on studies....but I will still have people around today who love me, a pack of dogs wondering where the turkey drippings are, and a stack of boxes ready to ship that show love in a different way.....

I hope for you, this Thanksgiving Day, that you all have a life filled with happiness, health and comfort....I wish you the gift of loved ones, the gift of friends, and the gift of peace.  It is what I feel I have and would wish nothing less for you.

Happy Thanksgiving

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J.Danger said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sue!