Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CARDeo Therapy - New Wednesday Feature

Greetings and Salutations......isn't that what cards are all about!  Sending a message...

So I have these Scrapbook Retreats every couple of months and, through them, have met the most fabulously creative group of women.  I, myself, am not a good card maker.  I don't do well on the format.  That doesn't mean, however, that I don't know a good one when I see one.  So I asked the girls to share and they agreed....Every Wednesday the blog will show a card or cards made by this talented group..along with directions to recreate the fun is that?

Our first artist is Ricki.  She amazes me with her decisive creativity. Here's how she introduces herself:

I had been a scrap booker for several years, on and off.  A good friend invited me to a scrapbook weekend last fall, it was hosted by Sue (now a fabulous new friend) and held at Loredo Taft in Oregon, IL.  On my second day there, a wonderful lady named Pam shared her cards and they changed my life.  I have to admit I have not scrapped since, although my pictures are piling up!  I simply love, love, love to make cards.  It is my “stress-buster”.  I have two young children and this is something we can do together, I even give my 5 year old scraps to cut and paste to a pre-made card and he gives them to his teachers.  My eight year old has designed and sold cards on her own, I am teaching her about making money while doing what you love to do!

What draws me to card making… I enjoy the ability to pull together colors and textures.  I am big on simple layering and inking the edges.  My motto is “always ink the edges”, it just seems to “finish” the card and can also help “hide” minor imperfections!  I love to look at magazines, blogs, and websites for new ideas.  Many times one item, a special piece of ribbon, a patterned paper on sale, a stamp, will inspire the creative process. 

Fun tools…I use make up sponges to add layers of color to paper and edges, they are inexpensive and easy to use.  I just rub or tap them on the ink pad to get the amount of color I want, I can also pick up a few colors and mix them.  Another item from the make up aisle is eyeshadow brushes, I use them with my chalks mainly for shadowing and adding depth to corners.

You can also see my cards on Facebook, if you are interested you can “like” my page, Clever Cards and Crafts. Ideas for selling your own cards, I sell at a local store in Downers Grove IL on consignment as well as craft fairs.  I keep a basket with cards at work and people buy frequently, especially birthday, sympathy, and get well cards.

Here's her card

 Here's what she has to say about this card

Right now is my favorite time of year, the beautiful rich colors as the leaves change make me smile!  This card uses both leaves and those rich colors.  I started with a 5 x 6 ½ in card from white card stock.  I stamped the front of the card using a maple leaf stamp I bought years ago from a craft store.  I stamped in olive green, burnt orange, brown, and red, overlapping the leaves and the edges of the card.  I also applied some olive green and burnt orange ink using a make-up sponge.

Next I cut two blocks of card stock, one in a pumpkin orange (5 ½ x 4 in), the other from a wood grain paper (5 ½ by 3).  I adhered the orange, slightly off-center.  Then I used two cool ribbons I purchased from Sue, a yellow 2 inch wide web-like ribbon and an orange maple leaf ribbon.  The yellow was wrapped around the wood grain paper and adhered to the back, the maple leaf was cut to fit and adhered using small dots just over the top of the yellow ribbon. 

I stamped “Happy Thanksgiving” in burnt orange on white card stock and the cut it out free-hand.  I inked the edges in burnt orange and adhered to yellow ribbon. I used the make-up sponge to add some olive green to the corners.  I added two small orange “jewels” to the two upper corners.  The final embellishment was an olive green button with twine threaded through from the bottom and tied in a knot.  I simply separated the twine on the ends.  It was adhered with a round pop-up.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Ricki does next.....See the link on the sidebar to find her facebook page whoch has more news about her and what she's working on....

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I love this card, and hope to see more!!