Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Shake Rattle and Roll

Chris was awake for last evening's quake, in fact, he noticed it first. It was a big one centered between here and San Jose but felt as far north as Oregon. Not much here, all the pics remained on the walls and the glasses all made it through without breaking. The dogs were not impressed.

Got up this morning and finished this page. I keep scrapping these pictures over and over but they are so good. This page is part of my submission for the Daisy D's Design team. Do you like it?

Happy Halloween to all. Samantha is going to be Red Riding Hood (there's something to send you looking for specialty paper) and Little G will be a pumpkin. Our other young family member is going as a bumble bee. Here he is trying on his costume.

Happy Spooky Day, all.

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