Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lots Goin On

So first of all, I think that there is no way that I will ever be able to do this every day. That being said, I have been trying to get in here to do this for a day or so now.

So I've attached two fabulous pictures from Paris. We saw different things on this trip than we did on the first. But we also saw some of the same things we saw last time. We have some scenes in pictures from both trips. That's going to evolve into a mini book, now and then thing, some time in the future. Opportunity to put another project on the list of things to be done.

I'm also posting a pic of my scrapbook class at Le Temple du Scrap. They were truly wonderful to spend time with and I am very glad that they allowed me and my non-existent French to join them for a day of playing with paper.

And now for the news: My first class for Scrapbook Territory is finalized, the sample is in the store and the class date of November 11 has been finalized. How fabulous is this! We're planning an 8x8 acrylic dog book for December 1st. Very cool stuff.

Take a look at the pics. Would love to get your feedback.

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