Monday, October 22, 2007

Running to Catch Up

It has, again, been a few day's since I visited. Here's what I know today:

This is the pic of my scrapbook class in Paris. I know I promised it before, but I could not find the CD with the pics. Since I spent the better part of yesterday shovelling out the scrap room, I thought I would finally post the pic. This was truly a great group of scrappers. So much fun. Really helped to make my Paris trip fabulous.

Dilema: CKU Chicago or Scrap Etc. in Nashville? Scrap Etc. had some openings appear on their roster. I was wait-listed. Guys, if you're reading this, let me know which one you're going to. Don't want to do either alone.

We had a quiet weekend here. Enjoyed the fact that there was not a lot to do. Caught up on some TV, had Sunday Dinner pot roast, and generally enjoyed our fabulous life.

Submitting some things to Daisy D's. They're looking for members for their 2008 design team. How fabulous would that be?

Have you tried the new Prima Paintables paper? Watercolor paper printed with black and white paper. It's like a big coloring book page for adults. Really fun stuff. You can get exactly the colors you want for everything. I am almost done with my first page and will post when I get it done.

No more for today. I think this has taken up quite enough of your time as it is.

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Anonymous said...

Well my dear! It is now 12:30 (as in past midnite) here and I have finished reading all your "website" entries and the article about Chris (where else could I find conundrum used so wisely?) I feel very bad that I have not kept up with this new online venture of yours. I am bookmarking you as we speak and I will stay on top of it now!! The acrylic album is awesome. I know the class will be a success. That is such a great new look. Your website looks "fabulous". It is soo cool how many great things seem to be coming your way with this move. My biggest fear is that you won't come back!! Keep up the great work, you blogger you! K