Monday, October 8, 2007

City of Lights - Day 1

Well it's not really a day because we spent most of it sleeping. Our flight left at 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon and we arrived in Paris at noon local time on Monday. Great flight over Greenland and Britain. Very little turbulence.

If you ever have an opportunity, fly Air France. All cocktails (limited to wines, brandies and champagnes) are complimentary and the food is good for airline food. Long flight though. 11 hours in the air.

We arrived, grabbed luggage and took the subway to our hotel which is right across from the subway station. Great room at the Hotel du Midi. Tiniest elevator (one person and one suitcase or two people per trip). Then we slept for about 5 hours. Not much sleeping on the plane. Was kinda like the night of the living dead on the plane. People constantly up and walking the aisles, some of them in groups. I mean I know all that stuff about walking during long flights but this was ridiculous and our seats near the lavatories didn't help keep the crowd noise to a minimum.

For dinner we ate at a restaurant called "Indiana" which served tex-mex and had Indiana Jones type artifacts (spears and masks on the wall) but an indian chief on the cover of the menu. Go figure. We walked a few blocks after dinner, watched a little tv and back to sleep.

Tomorrow - Chocolate for breakfast and Chartres all day.

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