Thursday, October 11, 2007

City of Lights - More Days (What day is it?)

I've got to figure out how to do this every day, or is that a requirement?

OK, so on Tuesday we went to Chartres (did I already talk about this?) on the train. Beautiful cathedral a little over an hour from our hotel by train. To get to the train, we walked to the station. Part of our walk was through a cemetery. Got some great pics (if there can be great pics in such a place) including Sartre's grave.

Chartres was fabulous. Little hill town with this cathedral that can be seen for miles. Two bell towers with different architectures.

On Wednesday, I tool a class at Le Temple du Scrap. FABULOUS. Did I mention it was FABULOUS. There were six of us in this 6 (no typo, 6) hour class. We all started at 10, went to lunch at 1 and worked until 5. Wonderful classmates and a FABULOUS instructor. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and the project was wonderful. Definitely something I will post pics of.

Speaking of pictures - camera is unhappy downloading to Chris' computer, so until that gets figured out, no pics from the road.

Today I went to the Louvre. Lots of French sculpture, Egyptian carvings and the private salons of Napoleon III. They also had a special exhibit of Iranian art which had absolutely beautiful bookplate artistry. All in all a great day.

More tomorrow. May go for the Parisian haircut or the artist colony around the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Decisions decisions.

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sylvia92 said...

Hi Sue !

It's your new friend Sylvia from the Scrapbooking class in Paris !
I agree with her : It was a great group and a lovely class. Lots of hamony good mood and Super great Instructor ! Hope you are enjoying Paris and hope to see you very soon !