Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Found a New Love - And Wanted To Share

So I know you think I don't pay attention to much,.....don't worry, I'm not hurt by that.....sometimes I don't pay attention the way I should, but we have a new blog follower jillandstu.  So because it is Daylight Savings Time today I am up waaaaayyyy too early, so I clicked on jillandstu to see what blogs she follows and found this piece of goodness.....

Shari Carroll is a very very talented person and she does a monthly technique article that is not to be missed.  For November, she is making holiday cards with both the positive and negative stamped spaces and has a video of some great inking goodness.  

Let's all say hi to jillandstu as she joins our little blog family and let's all stop by and see Shari's blog.  Drop her a line and tell her how much you love her stuff and where you found her.

Because you know you are my favorites, the 5000 sale is coming this week and you will get notice in advance of it's start.  In addition to the sale, there will be a chance for you to get free product by referring friends.  Get your friends lined up now but don't have them shop until I tell you.  They will get something for shopping and you will get something for referring much fun is that...

I leave you with some vintage photo goodness.

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