Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Giving Money Away

now that I have your attention.......

This is referral week.

From now until Sunday, November 21 - refer a friend to and receive a credit of 10% of their purchase toward YOUR next order.

So let's just say you have a friend Barb who goes to and shops (of course Barb loves you now because you sent her there to shop.) 

Barb gets 1/2 price shipping on her second order and you get 10% of Barb's purchase refunded to you on your next order.  The more Barb spends, the more you get.  Would be a great time to send all of your friends that shop A LOT to see me.

 Necessary fine print....the friend you refer must be a new customer to me....your credit amount does not include their shipping charges.....your freind must put your name in the comment section on their order....the order where you receive the credit should mention your friends name in the comment section of your order.

No limit on the number of friends you refer or on the amount of credits you accumulate.  How excellent is that.  Referrals must be made by this Sunday and credits expire at the end of 2010.

 Let me know if you have questions......what are you waiting for.....start referring......

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