Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bits and Bobs (Who's Bob?) To Die For

So, again, I know that I have lots of the things that you want and lots of the things I want, for that matter, but even I have to shop when I want to go shopping, I stop by my favorite place for cool bits - The Altered Paradise at Regina's Studio.

From vintage raffle tickets to cool game cards, she truly has wonderful stuff.  I just got a package from her yesterday and I spent over a hour going through my stuff and imagining the possibilities.  She has metal hand forged nails, sewing tins, doll parts and, over 300 items under $3.

Stop by and see her at  You won't be disappointed.  Great stuff, great prices and great customer service.  She is truly FABULOUS.  Have a great weekend. 

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Linda Ledbetter said...

Oh, cool! Thanks for the great recommendation, Sue!