Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recent Treasuries - Take a Peek at These

I have been very fortunate recently to be included in several Treasuries on Etsy.

The most recent is a fabulous collection called Chocolate and Candy and is a luscious collection of pinks and browns. See it here.  It features my pink burlap string which is 10 yards for only $1.00.

Also featuring the pink burlap string is a Treasury titled

Lucy Lovelace Slaps Vintage Upside the Head With Modern Style

 which is a fabulous collection of this, that and so many beautiful things.

For Halloween, two different treasuries featured my Jenni Bowlin Mini Halloween Bingo Cards


Ticks and Treats has everything from paper misfortune cookies to homemade sandwich cookies while October is Near has felted ball necklaces, retro orange chairs, and everything in between.

Stop by and take a peek at these fabulous treasuries.  You won't be disappointed.

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Kell Belle Studio said...

Hi Sue,

Thank you so much for the reference on the treasury I made that included this string. It sure is a fantastic item! One I was eyeballing as a future purchase for myself. (tee hee :)

Wishing you a creative and blissful day!

Cheers! =D