Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Sale - Free Shipping*

I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but we are getting some
tiny little irritating snow. Not the beautiful, get out the skis type of
snow, but the little tiny pellets that sting your face becaue it is so windy
kind of snow. ICK

So to make me feel better about the day, I decided that everyone should be
able to shop without fear of high shipping costs. If I am going to brave
the elements to go to the post office and ship your orders, I would at least
like to feel good about it. I would like to imagine all of you opening your
packages a few days from now, smiling, because you got great product at a
great price and did not pay a lot for shipping.

So have fun, see some new stuff. See the new stuff in clearance. Order
that stuff you've been meaning to get for a while. Take a few quiet moments
imagining the possibilities....

As always, shipping charges will be refunded when the order ships.
Free/half price shipping applies only to orders placed on Tuesday January 26
and only for orders shipped to the U.S. International customers pay a flat
$5.00 shipping for orders over $30 and half price shipping on all orders.

Valentine's Day downloadable attached. Enjoy!

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