Friday, January 8, 2010

Since We're Going to Be Stuck in the Snow - Let's Go Shopping

So we are having lots of snow here in the burbs of Chicago, how about you?
I think that there is too much snow here to do much but stay at home, admire
the scenery and make another pot of hot chocolate.

Because I'm concerned that you will get bored being all snowed in, I have
decided to have a weekend sale. Starting today, Friday, at if you buy any item from the Clearance
group (they are in a section marked Clearance and have Clearance as the
first word of the item title) you can buy as many pieces of Victorian Scrap
as you want for only $1.00. That's a lot of Victorian Scrap on sale. There
are lots of fine designs available, many of them perfect for your
Valentine's Day projects. Flowers, hearts, birds, children not to mention
the holiday pieces that will let you get a jump on your 2010 holiday

As always, fill your cart, check out and I will refund the cost over $1.00
directly to your paypal. Also, remember that I do adjust the shipping
charges back to you if they are lots more than the actual shipping cost. So
shop with confidence that you will get some of the best values on Etsy and
pay shipping charges that reflect actual costs.

I will be adding more Clearance items over the weekend and also more scrap,
so shop early and shop often.

Sale ends Sunday night at midnight.

I think that I have changed the shipping on all scrap pieces to include
Canada, but you will need to convo me about your clearance item.
International customers, I would love to ship to you also. Let me know
which you would like and I will set up a custom listing for you.

For those buried in snow - stay warm and dry. For those who have no snow,
think kindly of we who do.

Have a great weekend and as always, thanks for reading all the way to the
bottom. I leave you with another fine piece of downloadable graphic for your Valentine's
Day use.


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