Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Things for a New Etsy Store

OK, so those of you who know me know that I love old stuff. The junquier the better.

So during the summer, a friend and I go to estate sales. When we pull up to the curb and see that nothing has been cleaned and there is stuff all over the lawn looking like it belongs at the dump we have the same thought - "This is a hellhole. We will do well here."

Sometimes, however, we are pleasantly surprised when gracious and fabulous homes also provide treasures within our limited budged. Last week I ventured out without my friend to the estate sale of a former Ziegfield girl and the wife of a Corporate Mogul. She was a seamstress and kept every single pattern she ever used. She bought her trims and ribbon by the bolt and, apparently, zippers by the truckload.

I bought it all. Tons of patterns, boatloads of notions, spools and spools of trim and ribbon and, oh, so much more.

I have always wanted to have an etsy site with vintage finds on it and have been accumulating things to list on it for quite a while. Last week's influx of 'things' prompted me to get going.

Stop by and visit the new shop at If anything there interests you, mention at checkout that you are a blog follower and get free shipping.

Also in the news, the 9th is the one year anniversary of Mark your calendars for February 9th. There will be a fabulous event for my anniversary.
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom. I leave you with a valentine cutie.


Marlene said...

I love to find treasures like that too. I'm off to your store to take peek.


crystal said...

Hello, I found you on Etsy!!
That sounds like a totally cool score of vintage items woo hoo!
I have been enjoying your blog and i will visit again~