Saturday, June 19, 2010


was a great day for so many reasons. Yesterday we got the whole famn damily together for May Birthdays/June Birthdays/Mother's Day and Father's Day. There was food and noise and confusion and it would not have been wonderful without all of that. We took two of the grandkids to lunch (golden arches of course), on the Merry Go Round, to the Movies (Woody and Buzz for the third time) and then home for yet another meal and round of dog walks. I don't think the dogs or the children or grandpa, for that matter, are gonna have any trouble sleeping tonight.

The head count at our most festive was 10 humans and 7 dogs. When there gets to be more dogs than humans, that's when we have to worry. Pics to follow - I am literally too tired to unload the pics. Besides, unloading the editing them tomorrow will allow me to extend the happy glow.

If you have a chance to see Toy Story3 I highly recommend. Lots of humor for adults among the animation. Good solid entertainment.

The other excellent news is that Cathy Vreseima purchased item number 3000 on my etsy site today. It was so great that Cathy was involved. She has been a customer of mine almost since the beginning and, like all of you, has encouraged me and enabled this little project of mine to continue long after I thought it would. Thanks Cathy and thanks to everyone who helped me reach my 3000 items sold 3 weeks before my business plan said I had to reach 2000 items sold. Guess I'll have to revise that plan. HOW FABULOUS IS THAT.

Going to spend a good portion of the day tomorrow working on listings for the big sale this week. Hope to be ready sometime on Monday so stay tuned to this station for further updates.

Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and purchases over the last 16 months. Literally, could not have done it without you.....

Thanks, as always, for reading all the way to the bottom.


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Erin Glee said...

Congrats on overshooting your sales goal! I didn't get to help in that high number, but am hoping to do my part today ~(wink!) ....I'll check back later : )