Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday Starts Here on Thursday

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving

It's 7 a.m. and the turkey is in the oven, making the house smell incredible. We are transporting the turkey to my daughter's in a few hours, but in the mean time, we can dream of turkey, stuffing and all the fixin's.

I have so many things to be thankful for this year. So many good things have happened and so many things are going well. One of the things that I am most thankful for is the excellent group of people that I have met through my etsy shop, my blog and my scrapping stuff. All of you contribute things to my life with your creativity, your humor and your support and for that I am grateful. You are all fabulous!

Details of the Black Friday sale follow. If you are local and would be picking up your stuff, fill the cart but don't pay and I'll be in touch.

Have a happy and fabulous Thanksgiving....

Take a load off your feet (and your wallet) at Hanging out after turkey on Thanksgiving?
Up early Thanksgiving morning to get the turkey started? The black friday
sale here starts at midnight on Wednesday. That's right, all day Thursday
and Friday the following deal is yours....

Order at least $25 in any product available on the etsy site and get $20
in Cosmo Cricket product for only $5.00. Do you beleive I'm going to do
this? Do you beleive that I'm going to give this much away? You will get a
48 sheet paper pad from the Boyfriend and Earth Love collections for only
$5.00. You can see the what you'll be getting here:
There are 15 of these deals available. The item will be on the site. You
must put it in your cart to get the offer. Shipping on the item is free.
How excellent is that?

Order a gift certificate for $25 or more and $25 in product and get the paper pad for $5.00 AND a set of Hello Sunshine paper by Cosmo Cricket.
The retail value of the 12 sheets of paper and two sets of embellishments
from the Hello Sunshine collection is over $10. So if you're shopping one
for you and one for me, you actually get a third gift or a gift to tuck in
with the gift card or two for you and one for them. You must order a gift
certificate and product to get this $25 deal.

Order $100 or more and get free shipping and the paper pad and the Hello
Sunshine. Makes you wanna just order everything on the site, doesn't it?

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