Friday, October 21, 2011

Fabulous Friday with Kate

hey guys welcome to another fabulous friday video.  today, we are going to make a super quick & easy paper 'flower embellishment.' if you would like to follow along with the video please click link below.  i have also, included step by step  photographs.  here were go :)

supplies needed: 12"x1" strip of double sided pattern paper, scissors, scor-tape (or any other strong think adhesive), paint brushes (or any round objects in varying sizes i.e., pen, glue stick), buttons, twine/thread (embellishment for flower center

select a double sided pattern paper and cut into 12"x1" strip

apply thin adhesive to both sides of paper, making sure the orientation on both sides is the same
leave a one inch space at one end of the the side you wish to be visible 
the thinner the adhesive the lower profile the flower will have, the thicker the adhesive the taller it will sit on you project

make perpendicular cuts along entire strip of paper in varying sizes making sure to cut all the way to bottom of adhesive
you can use any scissors, i happen to have the martha stewart fringe scissors that make it go a lot faster

(9)(8) i miss numbered ...

once you have cut strips the entire length of paper you will chose the size flower you would like to create
the size is determined by the center of flower
if you wrap paper around a large circle object you will have a larger flower, and the same for smaller 

here i wanted to make a smaller flower so i am using a think paint brush
remove adhesive backing from both sides
i start with area that does not have adhesive (don't want our flower sticking to paintbrush) and roll 

remove flower from brush and press firmly in center to spread petals

choose a button or other embellishment large enough to cover center of flower

adhere flower to project ( i use glossy accents for this step)

hope you try this out on your next project! thanks so much for watching! see you next week :)

to see a video of this demo go to

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