Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Inspiration

So because I was destined for just a little sleep last night, I decided to look around rather than spend all my time managing my farm on Facebook. (otherwise know as the game that can suck hours from your day without notice until you are taking the dinner chicken out to defrost at 4 in the afternoon)

What I found are some truly amazing things that I thought you might enjoy.

First from Jenni Bowlin's website comes the gallery of this month's guest designer. I love the first sample (who knew that paper and string could look that amazing) but I also love the messy use of the misting product. Go here to see that.

On the Cosmo Cricket page, they recently posted some of their favorite layouts received from customers and fans. You can see the post here I am just in love with the fist layout. Look at all the stuff on that page, but imagine how many of your random scraps and odds and ends you could find a home for on a page like that.

And for my last, check out the Educator's Blog at . This blog is put together by people who work with Glimmer Mist and they give full technique instructions on how to achieve new looks with their products. Some very fine things there - and not as difficult as you would think. Love seeing new techniques to use with products I already have.

That's it for me today. Have an extra dog in the house today which brings the barking total up to five so there will be lots of running around today.

Hope you've enjoyed the fruits of my insomnia. Don't forget to post a comment on the prior post for the giveaway.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom.

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Lori said...

Good stuff Sue! Love the tattered angels blog, great tips and techniques!