Monday, January 2, 2017

Let's Organize - Pens Day Two

Happy Monday - For some of us this is another day off....what could be better than to spend a little time decluttering and organizing. Day one of Pens, we found out which pens belonged in the trash. We sang a song of remembrance as we ceremoniously dumped the dead into the trash.

Now that you can see what you really have, I've got a few suggestions for next steps...

 1. sort you choose pens to work with by color? by tip? by type (alcohol, pigment, watercolor, etc.)
 2. label you use pens in a electronic machine? label those with a piece of tape around the barrel (painters tape, washi tape, etc.)
 3. store you use your pens mostly at home? if so,

Imagine a can covered with the color of the pens inside? Cardstock scraps will cover the can so that you can easily see all of you pens of one color together.

 do you sort your pens by what you use them for?

these are crystal light containers stacked together with epoxy....simple and cubby for each of your sorting categories do you need your pens to travel with you?
consider a roll up made explicitly for travel. When packing for a weekend or day crafting, choose the pens you need, pack them, and go.

The nice thing about using free things to store pens, if you change your mind or find something better, you can always change the storage for something that will work better.  Don't feel that you are choosing the pen storage options that will be with you forever, you are just choosing a starting point.

Comment below on how you store your pens to be included in a monthly drawing for a $25 gift certificate for Close To My Heart product.  Come back every day to comment for another chance to win.

Feel like shopping?

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