Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year - Let's Organize!

Happy New Year Welcome back to the blog. Starting off the new year with some organizational tips to get us all moving on a better year ahead. Let's start with something easy. If you are like me, you accumulate pens. A pen for every color of the rainbow in brush, gel, metalic, chisel tip, sharpie, get what I mean. Do you know that many of your pens are dead and no amount of storing them upside down or putting them in the freezer or scribbling with them will raise them from the dead. Get the dead ones out of your way. Today, take your pens and try them. If they don't write, throw them away. Sounds simple but so many of us have trouble doing just that. Take a few minutes and throw away those dead ones and tomorrow we'll talk about what to do with those that work.

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