Wednesday, September 15, 2010

7gypsies Library Drawer - My Completed Project

It isn't too often that I share my work here on the blog, but I'm kinda excited about what I
did so this time I will.

My dear friend and scrapping buddy Cathy is gonna be a grandma soon. For those of you who have entered the grandma/grandpa zone, you know that there is nothing quite like it. So I made her a gift. Cathy has an extremely busy schedule so I made this library drawer set for her so that she can just put her printed pics in it, put a card with notes with the pic and be done.

I've shown a couple of the pics here, but you can see all the pics of the project here

That's what I know today. My October Afternoon shipment will be at the door this week so watch for some of that goodness soon and I am adding new product every every day.

4000 sale still in progress with some new items added.

Thanks for being such great listeners as I bragged a little today.


Angie Hall Haviland said...

I know I already told you...but I JUST LOVE THIS!!! BEAUTIFUL Piece!!

Lori said...

She'll love it, it's totally superb! Great job, and a labor of love, for sure!

janine said...

I love this!! Thanks for posting the photos---that is so stinkin cute!!

Kelly said...

Very nice, love it!!!!