Sunday, April 19, 2009

Victorian Scrap - This is fabulous

One of the things that I feature on my Etsy site is scrap. Not that scrap, this scrap

Victorian "scrap", also known as lithography, is colored printed papers and usually embossed die cuts that were used in Victorian times by both children and adults for various past times and collections. Scraps first appeared at the beginning of the 19th century in the form of engravings in black and white and tinted by hand. Color printing came into play in 1937 and chromolithography and scrap manufacturers appeared mostly in Germany and Great Britain. These pre-cut scraps were relief stamped and embossed to give them a three-dimensional look and feel. They are sold in sheets connected with small strips to join them together.

Collections of scraps were pasted into special scrap albums and Victorians mixed calling cards, greeting cards and any pictures they liked and wanted to keep that were special to them. A lot of people group their collections by themes or special occasions with verses and poems. The Victorians were very romantic and loved sentimentality and keepsakes.

Scraps are used for decoupage, collage, gift cards, valentines, dressing screens, decorating furniture, decorating small trinket boxes, fans, tabletops, trunks etc. These are also used for Victorian ornaments, scrap booking, graphic arts, stickers, and whatever your heart desires.

These scrap papers are faithfully reproduced from the original antique scraps that the Victorians had. These are great to just collect. Take a minute to look at those currently offered on my etsy site at

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