Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Missed Friday but Tuesdays Can Be Fabulous Too!

OK, so I missed Friday. The computer was not in operation because the scrap room/hub of the business was being tiled. It is as fabulous as I imagined. Pics to follow.

The home decor project progresses. Electricians at the door any minute and Chris is painting the family room as we speak. Color is dark eggplant. A bold move. First coat of primer looks pink. Keep us in your thoughts as we add coats to get the right color.

So, anyway, the fabulous friday technique for last week comes from Hero Arts. They have a 'card of the week' feature and this week there are four cards of the week. Every one is very cute, but the one that caught my eye is a slider card. Not only do they have pictures and instructions, but a video as well at

Have a great week. Back to Fabulous Friday this week for sure. Also a surprise on Friday along with the Fabulous Technique. Perhaps some equally fabulous Halloween clip art........

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