Friday, January 21, 2011

I Know ....I Know....I'm a day behind

Ok members of the House of Tim.....I apologize for having a life yesterday.  Dinner party (see prior post for the New Year's Dinner Party Resolution) featuring the food from Provence.  Carrot/Anise soup, Pork Stew with Sweet and Hot Peppers, Mushroom/Walnut Tarte Tatin, Creme Brulee..... so, needless to say I was in the kitchen then at the table.

This post is for the DISTRESS STAIN only.  Give me your THREE favorite colors in your comments.

Day four winner? 

Anonymous said...
lol u crack me up! I want the bitty bird cage...luv bitty and mini and teenytiny...but u know me, might have to have them all lol...damn I need a corner..ty for a chance! xo cher

So Cher wins the Day Four contest.  If you would like to pre-order the Bitty Bird Cage Die for 25% off retail, drop me an email at  I am accumulating pre-orders and then, when the contest is over, I will send you a summary of your pre-orders.  This 25% is only good for 24 hours......after that, all day Four items can be preordered for 20% off the retail price.

Next contest posting a little later today, then I will be caught up. 

Thanks for playing along....


~Tonya said...

Oh that sounds FABULOUS, Sue! I am sure it was a wonderful dinner.

As for Mr. Tim and all if his tantalizing new goodies...he is going to get me in TROUBLE!!

The three stains that are a must have in my studio are...

Weathered Wood
Antique Linen
Broken China

Thanks for the chance! You are a doll (and not a broken china doll, LOL).

Jeanne said...

Peeled Pain, Vintage Photo, & Wild Honey

Vic said...

Dusty Concord, Spun Sugar Forest Moss

Gotta have my purple/pink/green combo! LOL

julie m said...

vintage photo, antique linen, walnut stain

Deanna Cosgrove said...

Okay then, Peeled Paint, Wild Honey and Broken China :)

Debby said...

Wild Honey ,Antique Linen, and Vintage Photo.

Sheila said...

Your dinner party menu sounds delicious! My three favorite colors are antique linen, peeled paint, and vintage photo. :)

donna said...

Sounds like a wonderful dinner! My top 3 are broken china, weathered wood and faded jeans.

Anonymous said...

yeah! I won I won I won! ty so much Sue! just so loving his releases...over the top...will be broke but oh well! and..I want to be in your kitchen! great menu and I love your resolution...after my kids graduate I will do something like this too...need to reconnect with folks!

now my favs'... would have to be wild honey, broken china and forest moss...I am dying for a video on how he uses these!

ty again! and of course my orders are forthcoming lol xox cher

~Tonya said...

OH I am sure that dinner was FABULOUS! I am sure you enjoyed yourself.

So many things that Mr. Tim has shown us for his NEW GOODIES! I would have to say the three that I like the most are Weathered Wood, Broken China, and Antique Linen.

Thanks for the chance, Sue.

Laurel said...'re allowed to have a life Sue! Sounds like a good time!

My favorite colors of the new DI Stains would have to be Fired Brick, Peeled Paint and Broken China.

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Kathy Eddy said...

Wild honey, broken china, and forrest moss would be my first three! I want an invite for the leftovers! Dinner sounded amazing. Creme broule is my favorite coffee flavor!

Erin Glee said...

That dinner sounds devine!

Vintage Photo is my fav Distress color and 2nd & 3rd change from time to time...but right now I'm thinkin' it would be a great trio with Wild Honey & Peeled Paint!

Congrats to Cher and thank you, Sue, for a chance to win!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

These Stains are just soooo yummy!!

I Think the 3 most FABULOUS are:
Peeled Paint
Broken China
Wild Honey

You are sure adding some FUN to the product previews, Sue!! THANKS

Stephanie Rodgers said...

Congratulations Cher! My 3 fav choices are: Wild Honey, Peeled Paint & Vintage Photo. Thanx!

Julie said...

I can't wait to see the demos that Tim does with these! Of course, I'll have to collect ALL the!

My favorites are:
Weathered Wood
Forest Moss
Wild Honey

Thanks for the opportunity to win, Sue!

SusanK said...

Three stains of my choice...hmmm...Wild Honey, Peeled Paint and Weathered Wood. They are all fab!

~Tonya said...

Now I feel like a DORK, Sue! My internet was acting up and I didn't see that my post, "posted" and now I see that I have two.

Just call me a "door-knob!"

Have a great weekend.

Sandi M said...

Sue, the stains I like best are Weathered Wood, Antique Linen, and Wild Honey - oh the possibilities with this new product :)

Carol P said...

OK, this is an easy one for me. 3 of my go to's are Wild Honey, Peeled Paint, and Spun Sugar.

Wanda H said...

I know I'm going to want all of the colors... but picking 3... wild honey, weathered wood, peeled paint.

Pamela said...

I'd have to say my favourite colours are Peeled Paint, Wild Honey and Broken China :)