Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Falling Leaves

You know, being away from the midwest last year made me crave the usual change in seasons (ask me again how I feel about this in January) but the first few leaves are starting to fall. Our tree in the back yard doesn't change at first, it just starts to shed, but the trees beyond the back yard fence are the ones that will provide the color. It's funny, because when the trees beyond the fence start to thin our, our dog Megan looks back there and sees the houses that are obscured from veiw by the trees and spends a day or two barking at things that have been there all along. Ahhh ... traditions.

I finished up the class sample for the Halloween Spider book at Frozen Memories. Here is a pic of the cover to give you an idea. We've got stamping, Quickutz, Distress Inks and lots more. Class kits will be available for the same price as the class and all of the stamping will be done for you if you can't make the class. Kits come with instructions and pictures of the completed pages.

Hope all you California scrappers kept cool during your recent heat wave.

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